7 Monks Taproom

Because The Egg Came First

Anna's House

Anna's Grandwich

Blue Dog Tavern

The West Side Juicy Johnny

Grandwich Winner

Brick & Porter

Banh mi

Crepes by the Lakes

Crepes Grandwich

D'arts Donuts

Chorizo Breakfast Donut

Elk Brewing

The Cuban Panini

Fish Lads

Fishlads Grandwich

Flat Lander's

Noir Nicoise

Furniture City Creamery

Nacho (mama's) Taco

Grand Rapids Brewing Company


Grand Woods Lounge

FlatIron Steak Sammy

HopCat Grand Rapids

Mr. Le Chat

Long Road Distillers

Max's Unknown Legend

Matchbox Diner & Drinks

"The Perfect Match"



Peppinos Sports Grille

Mesquite Chicken Salad

Rockwell Republic

s h o r t r i b b a n h m i

San Chez

The Chez Burger

Slows Bar BQ

The Slow Temptation

Social Kitchen & Bar

Chicken Biscuit

Stella's Lounge

Brusselmania 7: Be-Bop's Revenge

Sub Shack

Shack Stack

Tavern on the Square

Tavern Turkey Melt (TTM)

Terra GR

Duck Pastrami Sandwich

The B.O.B.

Pork Belly Sticky Bun

The Bulls Head Tavern

Barramundi Rueben

The Cheshire Kitchen

Horseshoe Burger

The Holiday Bar

The Holiday Catch

The Knickerbocker New Holland Brewing Co.

Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich


Wheelhouse Double Down